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Have Expectations For Your Children?

A theme that has come out is children not knowing their parents’ expectations for them. Parents, you are the best protective factor for your children… Continue Reading

Coronavirus, Family Challenges and Solutions

How do you deal with coronavirus family challenges when both parents are still working their jobs, and at the same time trying to ensure that… Continue Reading

Common Sense Wellness Reminders For These Times

With the new stressor of COVID-19 and ongoing stressors of your work (or lack thereof) and home, it is no surprise that you will experience… Continue Reading

Coronavirus and Social Isolation

Is a relative depressed? Is money holding out or does the stock market swing create anxiety? Do you know where to get subsidies? Are family… Continue Reading

Financial Anxiety During Tax Season

It is no secret that one of the main contributors to divorce is financial stress.  Finances are a part of our every day lives and… Continue Reading

How To Succeed Like the Happiest Couples: Put Your Relationship First

If you ask about traits of happy couples, you’ll find many answers. You’ll hear how happy couples appreciate each other, have sex often, and split… Continue Reading

Developing a Fully Functional Immune System Should Be Your Top Priority

A recent BBC article described the concern by scientists about the rapid thawing of the permafrost and the world-wide exposure to bacteria and pathogens that… Continue Reading

Managing Anxiety In Anxious Times

Anxiety is one of the most pervasive, yet treatable, mental health conditions today. This may be surprising to someone experiencing it, because a person in… Continue Reading

Finding Happiness In Relationship

Many people have so much angst and drama over relationships and marriage.  But really, one can save themselves a lot of grief and distress by… Continue Reading

Your Life Is Beautiful

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) 1.3 million US adults attempted suicide, 2.8 million US adults devised a suicide plan,… Continue Reading

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