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Will and Strength

During the holidays we’re constantly thinking of others. But if you’ve experienced a big move, a job loss, a divorce or a death in the… Continue Reading

Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Behavioral Training “Neurons that fire together wire together”

It was once believed that the brain was hard-wired and fixed. The belief was that the adult brain could not change.  However, research over the… Continue Reading

Adaptation To Change

The Information Age, 1970-present, shifted the requirements for thinking, from the old, linear style of thinking where decision-making was based on fixed beliefs, rules, and… Continue Reading

10 Networking Tips For Ultimate Success

In today’s economy, networking can be the key to the success of any business. Networking is pretty much free, it’s immediate, and you can customize your… Continue Reading

Epigenetics: Are You Anxious Or Depressed?

Does life seem too hard? Do either of your parents self-medicate with alcohol or drugs? Your mood swings and your pain could be genetically passed… Continue Reading

Anniversary Reactions: The Science Behind Holiday Grief

As you prepare for the holiday season, we in the bereavement counseling community are preparing to support those feeling the grief that can come when… Continue Reading

When Comfort Food Brings Discomfort: Nutrition and Hydration In the End Stages Of Life

When a person living with advanced illness or a life-limiting condition nears the end of life and their families and friends begin to gather to… Continue Reading

Feeling Inferior

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde Feeling inferior is intrinsic to low self-esteem.  It comes from comparing yourself to others and… Continue Reading

Need Help Communicating With Your Partner? Three Tips For Communication That Connects You and Your Partner

The most common compliant couples have when they come to therapy is by far the same: We can’t communicate. The truth is, communication is not… Continue Reading

The ABCs Of Trauma

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and… Continue Reading

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