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COVID-19: A New Kind Of Normal

Most of the world is still in the grips of the coronavirus, yet the U.S. has achieved vaccination levels that make it possible to return… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update: Reaching Herd Immunity

Over the past several months millions of Americans have been vaccinated to the point where restrictions have been lifted and the infection rate continues to… Continue Reading

Is the Quarantine 15 Real?

If you’ve gained a few pounds in the past year, know that you are not alone. COVID-19 changed our lives, creating stress and causing us… Continue Reading

To Mask Or Not To Mask?

New CDC guidelines on the need for masks has rapidly changed the landscape of the coronavirus pandemic. Is it over? This is a question we… Continue Reading

Vaccination Vaccination Vaccination

Like “location” in real estate these are the three most important words in combatting the coronavirus. We have reached a milestone in the U.S. where… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Vaccine Update, Plus Vitamin D

As Spring arrives, and April showers, we are all looking forward to warm weather and beautiful flowers. Spending more time out of doors in the… Continue Reading

COVID Vaccines and Treatments

May Be Hailed One of the Greatest Scientific Accomplishments of All Time As we look down the long dark tunnel of COVID-19 are we now… Continue Reading

Older Adults and COVID Hospitalization

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought intense scrutiny of our hospital systems, especially what happens when adults older than age 80 or living with complex acute… Continue Reading

Scientifically Proven Protection From COVID Virus

As seen on ABC News, CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and in the Washington Post, this NASA-technology protects lives by pro-actively killing viruses, bacteria, germs (including… Continue Reading

The Latest COVID-19 Updates

As we go through winter in the US, the virus is still spreading, mutating, and the vaccine effort seems daunting to bring us to a… Continue Reading

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