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Missing Multiple Teeth? Full Arch Treatment Options

A dental arch is either the top or bottom set of teeth in your mouth. When all or many teeth are missing or get to… Continue Reading

Dental Care For Mature Citizens

If you’re a baby boomer, born between 1946 and 1964, there are so many reasons to focus on and improve your oral health. Periodontal (gum)… Continue Reading

No Time For an In-Lab Sleep Study?

Life can be hectic, making it impossible to take time off to do an in-lab sleep study. That’s why there is something called a Home… Continue Reading

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

Many parents assume that they must wait until their child has all of his or her permanent teeth before they can see an orthodontist. The… Continue Reading

Bottled Water Versus Tap Water

Staying well hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your oral and overall health. Although bottled water is commonly perceived as… Continue Reading

Oral Health In Women

Oral health can be defined as the health of your mouth, including your teeth, gums, throat, and the bones around the mouth. Oral health is… Continue Reading

Are You At Risk For Periodontal Disease?

This Quick Quiz Can Tell You If You Are At Risk For Periodontal Disease: Do you smoke? Is your diet low in important nutrients? Are… Continue Reading

Cerec Dental Technology

A smile is one of our greatest personal assets; it is a reflection of happiness and good health, yet many people avoid smiling because they… Continue Reading

Kiss Bad Breath Goodbye

Has anyone ever stepped back when you approach? Turned to one side? Rubbed under their nose? Offered you gum or mints? If so, these people… Continue Reading

Mouth-Body Connection

The belief of the mouth-body connection (oral systemic connection) is not new. Benjamin Rush, MD and a signer of our Declaration of Independence, noticed that… Continue Reading

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