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HRT in Millersville, MD and Crofton, MD

More people every day are looking for a safer more effective way to manage their hormones, with consistent results, and without serious potential side effects…. Continue Reading

Hormone Therapy Combats Wrinkles

As if hot flashes and mood swings weren’t enough, the Journal of Gynecological Endocrinology states, “there is a strong correlation between skin collagen loss and… Continue Reading

Safe and Effective HRT Can Re-invigorate Your Life

“I didn’t think I needed hormone treatment,” says 62-year-old Saroya. She remembers limping into a local bioidentical hormone replacement center five years ago. “After my… Continue Reading

Epigenetics: The Cause Of Your Anxiety

Your anxiety and depression could be genetically passed to you. Do either of your parents self-medicate with alcohol or drugs? Does it seem like your… Continue Reading

New Year…New You: How Hormone Replenishment Can Help

“I feel like I’ve gotten my life back,” says Sherri W., bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) patient, who had suffered with insomnia, irritability, and other… Continue Reading

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