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Probating an Estate: Why Do I Have To Probate an Estate?

­­Maryland has a law requiring you to file the existing Last Will and Testament with the proper Court, whether or not the deceased person has… Continue Reading

What Is a Probate?

What Is a Probate? Maryland has a law requiring you to file the existing Last Will and Testament with the proper Court, whether or not… Continue Reading

Federal Workers Comp Injuries: Navigating the Forms

All Federal employees work under the umbrella of the Department of Labor (DOL), including employees of the US Postal Service, the VA, TSA, DOD, ICE… Continue Reading

Healthcare For You and Your Family: Open Enrollment Starts November 1st

Educating yourself about healthcare is the first step in keeping you and your family healthy. People without healthcare tend to avoid seeing their doctor. Regular… Continue Reading

The Complete Disability Profile

Cognitive function is a multidimensional concept that includes attention, concentration, learning, memory, problem-solving ability, visuospatial abilities, mental flexibility, psychomotor efficiency, and manual dexterity. Frequently reported… Continue Reading

Aging and Disability

You only grow old, not the other way around. With age comes wisdom along with wrinkles, lost muscle tone, arthritis, and other ever more unwanted… Continue Reading

Before Looking To the Future, Take a Brief Look At the Past

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about driverless cars. When will they be introduced, what will they look like, when will they be ubiquitous and,… Continue Reading

Two Costly Mistakes In Long-Term Disability Claims

A common mistake when filing for Long-Term Disability is stopping work on the “Wrong Day.” There aren’t exactly black-out dates for stopping working, but something… Continue Reading

Should You File For Disability?

Disability can strike anyone at any time. Statistically, the older you are, the more likely you are to become disabled. Whether or not an individual… Continue Reading

Don’t Get Healthcare Advice From an Attorney

A question that we sometimes get in the office is: “I’ve been injured in an accident; which doctor should I see?” A variation of this… Continue Reading

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