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Hypnosis For the Holidays

The holidays can be fun and exciting, or they can be stressful and sad. Holidays have a lot of feelings attached to them. Feelings come… Continue Reading

Keep the Happy In Your Holidays

Instead of “Ho! Ho! Ho!” do you sometimes feel more like “boo-hoo-hoo” around the holidays? All year round, both peri- and postmenopausal women are more… Continue Reading

Job Searching and Mental Illness

When most people are searching for jobs, they tend to look for the one that has the best salary. This is important for most people… Continue Reading

Epigenetics: Are You Anxious Or Depressed?

Does life seem too hard? Do either of your parents self-medicate with alcohol or drugs? Your mood swings and your pain could be genetically passed… Continue Reading

Anniversary Reactions: The Science Behind Holiday Grief

As you prepare for the holiday season, we in the bereavement counseling community are preparing to support those feeling the grief that can come when… Continue Reading

Practicing Mindfulness

Mental discipline is an important habit to cultivate that leads to optimum mental and physical health. Mindfulness is the practice of teaching your mind to… Continue Reading

Our Image

Image is your basic idea of who you are right now and what you perceive of yourself to become. We all have ideas as children… Continue Reading

Thrive, Not Just Survive: The Importance of Emotional and Psychosocial Well-being During and After Cancer

From the moment cancer is detected, the focus of all medical intervention is primarily on eliminating the cancer from the body. While finding an appropriate… Continue Reading

Create What You Want In Your Life

The Laws of Attraction, “like attracts likes”, is based on the mathematical principles underlying physics and energy. Your thoughts will draw to yourself what you… Continue Reading

Reach For Your Success

Our lives have a lot of twists and turns and sometimes can be very overwhelming. Just look at the people we are in contact with… Continue Reading

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