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La Plata Physical Therapy Now Offering Virtual Therapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption within the U.S. and worldwide. With this ever-changing current climate, it is essential that we are able to… Continue Reading

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch?

It is in our fast paced nature to squeeze in workouts whenever we can, and forget about the self-care essentials to maintain a properly functioning… Continue Reading

Trigger Points

A marathon runner with undiagnosed back pain; an office worker who had carpal tunnel surgery only to find that was not the cause of her… Continue Reading

Solutions For Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Don’t Suffer In Silence

Men’s health physical therapy is an area of physical rehabilitation that specializes in helping men regain the function of their pelvic floor. Man or woman,… Continue Reading

Managing Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a major cause of disability with estimates of up to 80% of those over 75 years old showing radiological signs of OA…. Continue Reading

What Is Manual Therapy?

Many people have gone to physical therapy and experienced exercise after exercise with redundancy and let’s be honest, often times very little guidance or supervision. … Continue Reading

Learn How To End Knee Pain

The I Hate Knee Pain program is designed to keep you out of the operating room and avoid the effects of harmful medications. Detailed Health… Continue Reading

Relief For Severe Neck and Back Pain

Did you know that spinal bones are separated by discs? Did you know that long-term compression can cause discs to bulge, herniated, or tear? Did… Continue Reading

Radial Pulse Shockwave Therapy (RSWT): Non-Surgical Treatment For Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis/Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain Syndrome This encompassing syndrome includes a painful condition of the back or bottom of the heel, arch, and less commonly, the… Continue Reading

The Aqua-Chi Foot Therapy

Feeling tired? Need more energy? Aqua Chi Foot Bath helps decrease toxins through energizing the water with a bio-electric charge. It is designed to operate… Continue Reading

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