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Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Neuropathy

A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs in approximately 15% of patients with diabetes and is commonly located on the… Continue Reading

Treating the Most Common Fungal Problems

A fungus is a common mold that thrives in dark, warm, moist areas. On the feet, it can grow on and between toes, as well… Continue Reading

Caring For Your Children’s Feet

You worry about your children’s teeth, eyes, and other parts of the body. But what do you do about your child’s feet – those still-developing… Continue Reading

Radial Pulse Shockwave Therapy (RSWT): Non-Surgical Treatment For Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis) and Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles Tendinitis/Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain Syndrome This encompassing syndrome includes a painful condition of the back or bottom of the heel, arch, and less commonly, the… Continue Reading

Poor Circulation In Feet: Part Two

Part Two: Treatment and Prevention Poor blood circulation in the legs and the feet can cause various health problems. The buildup of plaque causes the… Continue Reading

Poor Circulation In Feet

Causes and Symptoms Poor blood circulation in legs and feet is a condition that may cause damage to the tissues in these parts, causing utter… Continue Reading

Pressure Ulcers

What Are Pressure Ulcers? Pressure ulcers are sores that occur when pressure cuts off the blood supply to the skin. The ball of the foot,… Continue Reading

Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery – Permanent Cure For Bunions, Hammertoes and Calluses

You only get one pair to last a lifetime, and most people will clock over 70,000 miles on a pair of feet in a 70… Continue Reading

Diabetic Foot Care For Summer

As a person with diabetes, you are more vulnerable to foot problems, because diabetes can damage your nerves and reduce blood flow to your feet…. Continue Reading

Swollen Toe Or Ankle? It Could Be a Gout Attack

What Is Gout? Have you ever been awakened at night by a hot, painful feeling in your big toe or ankle? Did the painful joint… Continue Reading

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