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Shoe Inserts and Prescription Orthotics What's the Difference?

What Are Shoe Inserts? You've seen them at the grocery store and at the mall. Pre-packaged arch supports are shoe inserts. Unless the device has… Continue Reading

Chronic Wounds, Thick Nails & Ulcers

Chronic wounds occur primarily in the elderly, disabled, and especially those with diabetes, who comprise the vast majority of those who suffer from pressure ulcers,… Continue Reading

Common Foot Problems and What To Do About Them

Did you know the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) reports that the average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps each day? In a lifetime,… Continue Reading

New Bunion Treatment

Many patients who have bunions fear the pain and recovery time of having bunion surgery. People live with the pain of bunions and don't get… Continue Reading

Common Signs and What to Expect From an Ankle Injury

What Is a Sports Injury? Varying degrees of ankle injuries can occur while competing in sporting events. Sports injuries are injuries that occur during sports… Continue Reading

Smelly Feet – More Than Just Embarrassing

Foot odor can be an embarrassing and sometimes uncomfortable problem for many people. However, understanding the problem and taking some simple measures can help. Sweating… Continue Reading

Foot Fracture Or Ankle Sprain How Can You Tell?

The quick answer is, unless you are a specialist, you may not be able to tell. They both can have similar symptoms, so, in many… Continue Reading

Shoeless Running Risks vs. Benefits

Ever since man came out of the trees to walk and run on the ground, we have perfected this form of mobility. Award-winning runners from… Continue Reading

Poor Circulation In Feet Part 2

Treatment and Prevention Poor blood circulation in the legs and the feet can cause various health problems. The buildup of plaque causes the arteries to… Continue Reading

Foot and Ankle Arthritis Proper Diagnosis Key To Treatment

While there are over 100 types of arthritis, the one that most commonly affects the foot and ankle is osteoarthritis (“osteo” means bone). Osteoarthritis develops… Continue Reading

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