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Diabetes and Foot Health – Part 1 Medicare/Medicaid Diabetic Shoe Program

The Relationship Between Diabetes and Foot Problems Many people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of decreased circulation and nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy). These… Continue Reading

Neuroma Facts

Have you ever experienced tingling, numbness, and sharp-shooting pain between your toes? Dont be surprised, but you may have Mortons neuroma. Mortons neuroma is a… Continue Reading

Summer Foot Care

Summertime is here and so are sunny days spent splashing in the pool and relaxing on the beach. As many vacationers know, summer can cause… Continue Reading

Top Ten Travel Tips For Your Feet

Traveling is one thing that is always included on most peoples itinerary during summer. People are busy shopping, packing, and doing a lot of preparations… Continue Reading

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