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How To Start Writing Content

You have to have content on your website in order for anyone to take it seriously. Since you’re the expert in your field, think of messages, articles and posts that help people understand your product or service as it relates to them. Going back to the basics, remember, people are interested in… well, their own interest. If this seems selfish, that’s because people are mostly interested in themselves.

If you were to create 20 pages on your site about your business, products and services that help explain what you are offering, in the self-interest of the consumer and use the right key words and phrases, you are moving in the right direction.

It probably takes 3 to 6 months to see if your content is making a difference in your search results. During that time, make a commitment to add more content. Organize the content in a way that makes sense to visitors, and, makes sense to a search engine.

If you aren’t the person to write content, there are a lot of people and companies who can do it for you. They are pretty easy to find. They mostly are going to draft something for you to review and then you can add it to your website or blog.

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