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What Type Of Crown Would You Wear?

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A crown is a tooth-shaped restoration placed on prepared tooth and cemented in place; made from precious metals or ceramic materials, or a combination of both.

There are several factors considered prior to placement of a crown, including strength, durability and appearance.

There are three kinds of dental crowns:

All-metal crowns are fabricated entirely out of metal.

  • While the classic all-metal crown is gold, other types of dental alloys can be used.
  • Metal crowns are typically placed in high strength and low esthetic areas (ex. molars).

Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM’s) crowns are a hybrid between their all-metal and all-ceramic counterparts.

  • Mostly metal covered with natural looking porcelain.
  • PFM crowns are considered to be stronger than all-ceramic crowns, but not as durable as metal ones.

They make a suitable choice for front teeth (incisors and canines), especially where strength is important. In highly esthetic cases an all-ceramic crown may make the better choice.

All-ceramic made entirely of dental ceramic, such as porcelain either handcrafted by a dental technician or carved out of a single block of ceramic by a computerized milling machine (CAD/CAM).

  • All-ceramics are typically placed in highly esthetic areas on front teeth (ex. incisors and canines), although they can be placed on premolars and molars too.
  • Some types of all-ceramics are known for their outstanding esthetics and are the most natural-looking type of crown (example: e.max®)
  • They are not as strong as other types of crowns. Although this factor varies according to the specific type of ceramic that's been used (example: BruxZir®)

What is e.max?

IPS e.max® represents a major breakthrough in restorative and cosmetic dentistry combining superior esthetics and strength. The all-ceramic dental crowns and restorations made from e.max are natural-looking and contain no metal. E.max is the #1 all-ceramic restoration used today with a 98.2% success rate.

What is BruxZir?

BruxZir® crowns are esthethic non-porcelain crowns for bruxers and grinders made from the highest quality zirconia. BruxZir crowns are chip-resistant making them ideal for bruxer and grinders who want to have an esthetic solid zirconia crown that won't chip. They have a glazed smooth surface to reduce plaque accumulation.

Depending on the correction you want to make, your dentist will work with you to select the best material option to both satisfy esthetics and longevity of your crown restoration.


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