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How To Volumize the Lips

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Many people strive for “pillow lips” because they look so nice and inviting. This is probably inspired by celebrities but as we have more and more options available to us, those luscious lips are within reach of just about everyone.

Getting those sexy beautiful lips is done with fillers. Most fillers are a synthetic form of a naturally occurring compound in our bodies called hyaluronic acid. It is able to hold a large number of water molecules, which allows it to hydrate tissue as well as augmenting it.

Smalls amount of the filler is injected into the lips and can enlarge the lips while making them look natural at the same time. There are different types of fillers, which will achieve different results. Some have a much firmer consistency and require that the physician “molds” it correctly. Others will easily diffuse into the injection site, which negates the need to manually shape it. Choosing between a thicker or thinner injection solution depends on the final appearance that the patient wants. More dramatic results will require a filler with a firm and more viscous consistency.

Getting the lip shape desired is largely the result of where the injections are placed.  Obviously, physicians must strive for balance and symmetry across the length of the lips. But in addition to making the lip fuller, they can modify the contour of the lips by choosing strategic injection sites.

Whichever lip shape or size you want, the first step is to discuss this with a specialist who can show you different options, and meet your needs. It is important for the doctor and patient to have these discussions so your lips and facial appearance will but just what you’ve been thinking about. Why wait?

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