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A Unique Approach to Wholistic Beauty

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Most everyone is focused on improving their exterior appearance.  This is natural and commendable, as we all want to look our best.  However, what many people don’t realize, is they can spend serious money for treatments to improve exterior beauty, but if they don’t maximize their internal health, the results of any treatment or product will not be as optimal as they could be, or last as long as when one is in peak physical health.

It is striking how much better people respond to aesthetic treatments when they are rested, eating well, and exercising.  This is because most non-invasive aesthetic treatments merely provide a stimulus – the treatment creates some degree of controlled damage to the skin or the body, and it is then the body’s healing response that produces the actual result.

This is especially important for treatments geared toward improving lines, wrinkles, texture, laxity, or scarring, and all these conditions require the production of new collagen.  A healthy body, with good stores of vitamins C, D, copper, and zinc (all necessary for collagen production), will make much more collagen than a body that is stressed and nutrient depleted.

Unfortunately, in the fast paced, highly stressful Washington DC area, many individuals are existing day-to-day with moderate to significant physical imbalances.  Nutritional deficiencies, excessive intake of inflammatory foods and sugar, elevated toxin levels, over-production of stress hormones and poor sleep all require our body to use “work arounds” and extra energy to function day to day.  This negatively impacts the immune system and diminishes healing capacity.

While traditional labs can outline that nothing is horribly wrong, they often miss many other pieces of the puzzle to help get your system “right”.  Functional medicine utilizes advanced metabolic testing to look at things like gut health, food reactivity, detoxification capability, cellular energy production, intestinal bacteria, inflammatory markers, micronutrient levels, and more, so you can figure out how to make your body function at peak physical capacity.

So, if you’re considering Botox to smooth out those unwanted lines, or photo rejuvenation to eliminate the signs of sun damage, why not consider advanced metabolic and genetic testing to keep your body in tip-top shape?  Your aesthetic dollar will go farther, your results will be better, chances of side effects will decrease, and you’ll live longer to enjoy the results.

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