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The Best New Technology: Our Minds

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Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. The impact of these advancements can be seen in every aspect of our lives; from the way we communicate, to the way we assimilate information, to how we receive health care, our world has been altered permanently by technology.
While technology is supposed to improve our lives, many of us feel more stressed than ever before, perceiving a lack of control over our thoughts and emotions. In fact, a common refrain is, “I feel so bombarded and overwhelmed all the time.”
It doesn’t have to be this way though. We can avoid the consequences of technology and experience more peace and control by engaging the power of our own minds. Three simple techniques engage our innate brainpower and are the “keys to calm.” These techniques can be used to stay centered, focused and in-control of your thinking during the most challenging and dangerous moments of your life.
Healthy compartmentalization involves isolating one aspect of life, applying extreme focus, and then, at the appropriate time, closing that compartment and moving on to the next. A compartment can be work, kids, intimate relationships, etc. This approach keeps worries and concerns isolated within the appropriate problem area of life and prevents unnecessary spillover of those worries and concerns into other areas.
Chair Flying
Imagine the desired outcome you want from a situation and experience it as though you were living it today. Imagine feelings you will experience as you move towards your goals. Pilots call it chair flying; you may know it as visualization.
Without a clear vision, we experience uncertainty and become overwhelmed and are more likely to experience the negative effects of stress.
Chair flying allows pilots to experience a state of certainty before flight; it can help you experience a sense of certainty and calm about your life.
Elite athletes, word-class performance artists, famous public speakers, and pilots have unique sets of habits that put them in the appropriate mental and emotional state. These “rituals,” like lighting a candle before a romantic dinner, or putting on certain perfume, or swinging our arms a certain way before a race, serve to “put us in the mood.” Rituals facilitate a shift in focus and change our mental or emotional state.
In our technology driven world we have moved away from the use of rituals; we react to our environment rather than shape it to align with our desired outcomes. We don’t visualize our success, leaving us open to disappointment. Our thinking is scattered as we are bombarded with notifications clamoring for our attention.
Employing these techniques will help you to regain your sense of control and reduce your stress-levels.
Your mind is the best, and most underutilized, technology you have.

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