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Do You Get “Winter Skin”?

Winter can affect your skin, making it itchy, dry, dull and irritated. It might feel like there is no way out: cold, blustery winter conditions… Continue Reading

Stubborn Pockets Of Fat? VASERShape Can Help

Diet and exercise are effective ways to reduce weight and improve one’s health. However, despite our best efforts, most of us find it difficult to… Continue Reading

Feldenkrais Extends Youthfulness

There are ways to keep young. The main one is to keep moving. But what kind of moving? The Feldenkrais Method, named after its founder… Continue Reading

How To Stay Safe and Manage Holiday Stress 2020

2020 has been an unprecedented time. The pandemic has taken a lot from all of us. Many of us have lost loved ones, jobs, and… Continue Reading

Managing Stress This Holiday Season

Stress is a natural response of the body, intended to help us overcome temporary threats or hurtles. While short-term stress can be beneficial, a lot… Continue Reading

Communicating With Patients In Unprecedented Times

It has been said that we are living in “unprecedented times” due to COVID-19. Despite that, we still need to communicate vital information to our… Continue Reading

Diabetes and Your Eye Health

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or use insulin effectively to control blood sugar (glucose) levels. Although glucose is an… Continue Reading

Bad Dental Hygiene Can Lead To Other Problems

Many people are discovering the link to more serious health problems resulting from poor oral care. If you don’t take care of your teeth, you… Continue Reading

Skincare and Self-care During This Holiday Season

The holiday season traditionally brings disruption and challenges to our self-care routines and can lead to a flare of many skin conditions. Rosacea, eczema, acne… Continue Reading

Today, Hair Loss Is Optional

It is estimated that around 40% of men will have noticeable hair loss by the time they reach the age of 35. This rate continues… Continue Reading

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