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Improve Your Immune System

Learn how to improve your diet and your lifestyle. It is a common practice in emergency rooms today to administer various vitamins and minerals. This… Continue Reading

Ketamine – The Game Changer For Depression

Depressed? Anxious? Does the change of seasons make this worse for you? Have you been unable to feel motivated about work or your favorite hobbies?… Continue Reading

Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How can you deal with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are a few of the common discussions regarding this topic: “What Can I Do… Continue Reading

Advances In Cosmetic Dentistry – The Bioclear Matrix System

Bioclear is a minimally invasive treatment using clear forms of matrices which are filled with a composite material matched to the shade of your teeth…. Continue Reading

iDesign Advanced WaveScan Studio

The iDesign® Advanced WaveScan Studio is the most personalized laser vision correction available. Vision is more than just seeing better or farther, it is about… Continue Reading

Stay Fit In Your Home: The Basics

It’s always fun to go to a Pilates studio and take a class, but sometimes you’re just not able to get out of the house…. Continue Reading

Artificial Disc Technology

Our spine is a complex and unique system. It protects our spinal cord and nerves and at the same time allows for free movement of… Continue Reading

Diabetes and COVID-19: The Benefits of Physical Therapy

By now, due to extensive media coverage, everyone has heard of COVID-19 or the coronavirus. There are multiple symptoms associated with it that include: fever, cough, and shortness… Continue Reading

The Effects Of Pain

Historically, most of the medical community has viewed pain as just a symptom of underlying pathology. The search for the underlying problem was primary, and… Continue Reading

Strengthen Your Child’s Teeth Through a Healthy Diet

Children with healthy teeth are more likely to grow into adults with healthy smiles. Your child’s diet not only affects their overall health, but their… Continue Reading

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