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Indoor Air Quality During Quarantine

More than ever, our homes have become places of refuge and safety. Assurance that our homes are safe indoor environments and are not causing adverse… Continue Reading

Fall Prevention In Parkinson’s Patients

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a widespread neuromuscular condition which manifests itself in ways that vary depending on the individual, however it is characterized by both… Continue Reading

Epigenetics: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Does life seem too hard? Do either of your parents have issues and self-medicate with alcohol or drugs? Causes of your mood swings and your… Continue Reading

Wave Goodbye To Sore Knees

The first way to start dealing with your knee pain is by understanding it. Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints from… Continue Reading

Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts

Did you know that sex hormones impact many weight-related processes? From metabolism and muscle mass to sleep patterns and food cravings, sex hormones are crucial… Continue Reading

Difficulty Hearing Over The Phone?

For people who have difficulty hearing, the simple act of using a telephone is often a challenging and frustrating experience. Whether it’s conducting business, speaking… Continue Reading

Safe and Proven Support For Treatment-Resistant Depression

You may have heard that ketamine is available for the treatment of mood disorders such as major depression, PTSD, anxiety as well as chronic pain,… Continue Reading

Finding the Good During the Pandemic

This is our eighth month into the life we know of as “social distancing” and “wearing of masks.” We’ve actually conditioned ourselves to wear the… Continue Reading

The Phases Of the Pandemic – Resilience, Strength and Emergence

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic life has gone on, albeit in a very different sense than to which we are accustomed. Graduation celebrations happened without the… Continue Reading

The Healing Power Of Pausing

If we were to delve into our movie memory bank of a favorite military film, the basic training lineup offers unique parallels for today. Seeing… Continue Reading

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