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Is It Age Or Mail Menopause?

Facts Approximately 40% of men between 40 and 60 will experience some symptoms of male menopause, known as andropause. These symptoms include fatigue, depression, increased… Continue Reading

Are Your Ears Ringing?

Tinnitus often simply referred to as ringing-in-the-ears or head noises is a sound heard by one or both ears that is described by different people… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Helps Depression and Anxiety

Depression can be characterized as a loss of interest in most usual activities. The symptoms may include feeling hopeless, insomnia, agitation, decreased or increase in… Continue Reading

Shorts and Bathing Suits, Oh My!

If the idea of putting on shorts or your bathing suit makes you cringe, it is not too late to do something about it. Forget… Continue Reading

Are Your Ears In Focus?

Do your family members accuse you of not hearing? Could it be that you hear them, but not clearly and you ask them to repeat?… Continue Reading

Phytochemicals "The Healing Foods of Our Time"

There has been much talk about health foods, organic foods, low-fat foods, raw foods, unprocessed foods, and chemically treated foods over these past five years…. Continue Reading

VelaSmooth — New Technology For Cellulite Reduction

Achieving a smooth appearance in problem cellulite areas has always been a challenge. A new system, which combines high-energy radio waves to heat the treated… Continue Reading

TMJ Disorders and Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliances

Individuals who have been diagnosed with a temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) disorder usually also suffer from other symptoms such as facial pain, neck, and shoulder pain… Continue Reading

Springtime Rejuvenation

Endermologie Can Help you Create a Body Built for Summer So here we are, survivors of one of the colder winters in recent memory. It… Continue Reading

Selecting an IVF Program

When selecting an IVF program, information is crucial. Several points are important to consider, including the qualifications and experience of personnel, types of patients being… Continue Reading

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