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Organic Search Results

Online marketing through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. means getting people to see your message and click on the ad, or at least read the ad. These platforms restrict how much you can have in text, headlines and offers. So, the majority of the ad will be the image.

Most of the time you’re trying to get people to visit your website. These work to some extent, but you need to think of all the terms and information on your site and how someone would find you through a search engine.

It’s critical to understand that people search for certain terms more often than others. When it comes to your business you could probably use a million words in the description of your product and services.

But, what you need to know is which of those words and phrases do people actually search for. Services like Yoast, Google Trends, Ahrefs, and many more can tell you which words relevant to your product or service are searched for most often.

Take your product or service and feed words into these sites and they will rank them by the number of times people search using those terms. This doesn’t take much time or effort and makes a big difference in your organic search results.

What you will find is that people search on some terms more than others. You may find that an auto insurance company is found by people search “car” insurance a lot more than “auto” insurance. As simple as this sounds, it makes a difference.

Now, once you, or your digital marketing company, does this, you need to include these terms on your site and use them in the text to create phrases that make sense, not only to people, but also to a search engine robot. Be careful not to just throw those words on your site, because the bots are programmed to identify that.

It may seem strange but you need to use the terms in a way so a bot will understand what you’re saying and how it makes your site, your service and your product more important.

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