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Pain and Arthritis Center, PC

About the Practice

Our medical has dedicated their lives to studying, practicing and pioneering procedures in the field of pain relief, management and orthopedics.

They are experts at assessing, diagnosing, repairing, and preserving the joints of the human body.

Our medical team’s mission is to prevent surgery where it isn’t necessary by giving you an honest and accurate diagnosis, and providing the best treatment for your condition.

After seeing conventional medical treatments fail time and time again, we are more convinced than ever that the best treatment for many orthopedic and pain problems facing patients today are non-surgical orthopedics (viscosupplementation, platelet and stem cell therapies) combined with intelligent physical therapy.

So if your knees are causing you pain and limiting your lifestyle…

The I Hate Knee Pain approach could finally provide the healing and pain relief you’ve been searching for.

For more information, and to see if the I Hate Knee Pain approach is right for you, simply click here.

Our team consists of medical professionals, physical therapist and movement experts.  With a patient centered approach, you achieve the fastest results and improved confidence to live, once again, without pain.

We have combined the best of in the fields of medicine and movement to provide a fast solution for your knee pain and arthritis.  Our team is focused on creating a great relationship that inspires you to improve your health and well-being.

Meet Our Doctors and Staff

Brian Paris, DC

Pain Management

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Pain Arthritis Pain Relief
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