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Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute

About the Practice

The Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute is a full service cosmetic surgery practice with locations in Fairfax, VA and Manassas, VA  and provides Washington DC area patients with a wide range of cosmetic procedures ranging from skin care to injectables & lasers to surgery. Its board-certified plastic surgeons, medical estheticians & registered nurses are committed to using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver natural results.

Our commitment to excellence and exceptional patient care is in every step of your doctor-patient experience, and we take pride in this! Cosmetic surgery should be a happy experience, but a serious one nonetheless. You will meet with our premier providers and consult our team at your consultation.  Before you commit, you are given the opportunity to talk to patients who have had the same surgery you are considering.

Our staff is highly-trained, educated, experienced, compassionate, and puts you, the patient, first. The combined years of experience in patient care, education, cosmetic surgery, skin care, and the field of beauty will put you at ease and increase your confidence and trust in achieving your non-surgical, as well as surgical goals. We specialize in the field of cosmetic surgery, and as a result, our efforts all go into creating an atmosphere that puts our patients at ease.

Meet Our Doctors and Staff

George Bitar, MD

Cosmetic Surgery

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Larry H. Lickstein, MD, FACS

Cosmetic Surgery

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Ansley Evans, BSN, RN

Cosmetic Surgery

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Pat Bonine, BSN, RN, LE

Cosmetic Surgery

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Zineb Moussafir, LME

Cosmetic Surgery

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Crystal Morrow, LME

Cosmetic Surgery

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3023 Hamaker Court
Suite 109
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 206-0506

8650 Sudley Road
Suite 203
Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 257-6000

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