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Calista Petrie, Marketing Director

Virginia Integrative Health

410 Pine Street Southeast
Suite 320
Vienna, VA 22180

Calista has enjoyed participating in patient care at Virginia Integrative Health as the Office Manager and Medical Assistant, and has been with the family owned practice since opening in 2010. She developed a passion for healthcare from a young age descending from 3 generations of women doctors and practitioners, and was accepted in the MENSA high IQ society at age 4.

The most enjoyable part of patient care to her is seeing patients reach their wellness goals, enabling them to lead the healthy lifestyle they deserve, by adeptly and compassionately managing their case in conjunction with a team of skillful physicians. She continues to be inspired by participating in developing new studies and treatments, publishing medical articles, educating the patient community about cutting-edge research and promoting advocacy.

Caring for and with family and the patients that have become a part of it are also a cornerstone, as well as her personal health, motivated by the familial autoimmune and genetic chronic conditions that were an inspiration for the Petrie family to start the practice.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130