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Lakita Conley-Ware



Providing Naturopathic Consulting services started with a need to find better sustaining healthcare for the elderly, in particular Dr. Conley-Ware’s aging mother. The exploration of naturopathic medicine over ten years ago provided Dr. Conley-Ware the knowledge needed to more effectively deal with her mother’s health concerns .

At 90 years old, her mother was taking more than 15 pharmaceutical medications a day, wheel chair bound, on 24/7 oxygen(O2) and had started to decline cognitively. Dr. Conley-Ware became her mother’s legal medical POA and with the cooperation of her mother’s medical specialists, slowly replaced many of the pharmaceutical medications with pure and organic naturopathic supplements. Through these actions, Dr. Conley-Ware changed the direction of her mother’s health.

Today at 98 years old, her mother,  a WWII Veteran is only on O2 at night, has a day-time O2 reading averaging 96, only on  4 regular pharmaceuticals meds per day and for the last 4 years walking 100% with a walker. Additionally, there has been a significant improvement in her cognitive mental state.

Degrees & Training

Dr. Conley-Ware’s career started with ten years in clinical research, followed by a second career for more than 25 years in advanced computer technology for the healthcare community and then for various Government agency customers. She then integrated this experience with work in naturopathic healthcare.

She received her undergraduate degree from George Washington University (GWU) and post graduate studies from Harvard University where she studied Pathology and GWU where she conducted early research in Fetal Alcohol syndrome. Her Ph.D. was from GWU School of Engineering & Applied Sciences with a research focus in crisis/emergency management, where she adapted the methodology of medical differential diagnoses to address cybercrime using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Knowledge focus technologies. Combining her medical and computer academics with her professional experience, Dr. Conley-Ware ventured into the world of naturopathic healthcare to help changed the lives of those looking for alternatives to health and wellness.

Client Demographic

Her customer range spans from college students that need healthier ways to get energy, to parents wanting alternatives for child wellness, to baby boomers that desire to change their genetic destiny as well as the elderly.   She provides naturopathic consulting services throughout the DC, MD and VA area.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130