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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT

Optimum Health For Life

Columbia, MD

Linda’s massage therapy clients have shared that her hands, heart and knowledge of essential oils has been an invaluable part of their wellness journey. Her hands were honed on the back of a horse as a jockey in Maryland, as the leading female rider, and one of the top 10 in the country. Her racetrack career took her from New York to Florida then Saratoga and New England, and is grateful to be alive following such a risky occupation. Her next profession as an LMT and member of ABMP professional organization, has lasted 34 years. Her laser passion is to empower, educate and encourage healthier choices for life. She accomplishes this through massage therapy, aromatherapy, guided meditations, corporate online presentations, writing published health articles along with community teachings. Linda is a member of The Central Maryland Chamber, The Business Women’s Network, and Young Living Essential Oils and can be found on www.lindapenkala.com.

Her recently published book The Pause to Relax Ladies for Robust Heart Health weaves both horses and clients through your journey of paying attention to wiser lifestyle choices. Having had a medical moment with her heart allowed her to peek into the lens of her life in regard to stress and life lessons she learned. As she dug deeper in research, she found heart disease is the #1 life stealer of women, and felt called to share this timely nugget of information with all. When reading the fact that women surpassed men of dying due to CVD in the 1980’s, her drive deepened to get the word out. This small inspiring book is in E book format, on Amazon, in bookstores and includes her Wise Heart Health for Women program she created along with 9 Pillars of Heart Disease Prevention she has taught for years.

With the meteoric rise in stress levels and the need for holistic solutions due to the pandemic, it becomes clear to see the value and need for this guidebook, as chronic stress impacts heart health.

Linda’s greatest joy, along with loving her 6 Grandkids, is helping others connect the dots to naturally embrace health and wellness to thrive, not merely survive through 2021 and beyond.

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