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Linda Penkala, Author, LMT

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The seeds of health and wellness were planted early in Linda’s life in Queens, NY by her Grandma Re, her little Filipino nurse guide who she watched as a child. Her holistic, natural solutions rather than the medicines she was trained in were the norm.

To this day, as a new author, LMT, and wellness catalyst of 32 years, it continues to bring her joy making a difference in women and men’s lives. Linda’s current project is the publication of her first book ~ The Pause to Relax Ladies, For Robust Heart Health. Having had a medical moment 10 years ago with A Fib, allowed her to peek into the lens of her own life in regard to stress and lifestyle choices. As she dug deeper in reading and researching, she found heart disease is the #1 killer of women, as we surpassed men back in the 80’s.

Her book draws on her vast experience and analogies of her first career as a jockey on the east coast along with lessons learned for holistic self care suggestions from essential oils to massage. Linda’s next book will be for men, then will write one with her 6 Grand kids for children’s heart health. She is in her deepest joy when hugging and loving up on her G kids!

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