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SERPs – Search Engine Results Pages

Anyone who uses the internet knows how to enter a search and how many pages of results come up, but how hard is it, and how do you actually find what you want?

There are billions of pages available online, but sometimes finding what you’re looking for is a daunting task. You can try to find a used couch, and the family down the street has what you want, but you never find it online. Places like Market Place and Craigslist, local bulletin boards, and websites have listings for what you’re looking for but you can’t find it there either unless you already know where to go look. This makes these sites more valuable.

Now, the question is, why?

Search engines try to deliver the best results for your search to get you the exact results you want – and get them on or near the first page. Google has developed algorithms to arrange data on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) to help you find information. They based most of their results on the search terms other people are entering into a search. They even go so far as to show you what other people are searching for. So, what they have created is more of a popularity contest than a real search engine.

What they base the SERPs on is what other people are searching for. If a website has a more “popular” search word or phrase it will come up ahead of what you actually want. If you search for “Which bubblegum blows the biggest bubbles” you’re most likely going to get a lot about Double Bubble. But, what you’re really going to get in the search results is those pages that include the words that are most often searched for by other people.

So, imagine you have a new bubblegum, and it blows bubbles twice a large, then where is that going to come up? Well, somewhere is the rest of the 170 million results. This is because all the search terms the average person would search for are the same words on all the other bubblegum posts and websites. Those are searched for and the more times they are mentioned, linked to, and searched for, they are going to rank with search engines like Google and higher on SERPs.

So, you need to publish your brand, make sure the search terms and phrases are being searched for, and get the unique or different aspects of your product out there in the right way. This can take years, unless you have an unlimited budget. Even if you have an unlimited budget, it is not easy.

The main thing for most businesses, and people, is to pay attention to what you’re posting and make sure you are posting words and phrases that other people are searching for. Keep posting and adding content. Written words, images, videos, and any other content you can use that people are going to search for.

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