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Allergists Sniff Out the Truth About Managing Pet Allergies

By Andrew S. Kim, MD

If someone in your home has pet allergies, you can wash the dog twice a week, steam clean your carpet or treat your pet with ... Continue Reading

Stinging Insect Allergy

By Andrew S. Kim, MD

Each year there are approximately 50 deaths in the United States due to stinging insects. The vast majority of these deaths are due to an ... Continue Reading

Climate Factors and Allergy Symptoms

By Andrew S. Kim, MD

This spring, the nation’s 35 million people with allergies can blame global warming for some of their suffering. Weather conditions have a significant effect on ... Continue Reading

Spring Allergies – Tips To Ease Your Allergy Symptoms

By Andrew S. Kim, MD

Northern Virginia residents are keeping their tissue boxes close by in preparation for the peak of the spring allergy season. The blooming flowers and budding trees associated with the return of spring marks an increase in itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and other allergy symptoms. Continue Reading

Solutions For Allergy and Asthma

By Anthony T. Hardnett, DC

Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and approximately 20 million suffer from asthma. With some overlap, more than 60 million Americans experience either allergies, ... Continue Reading

Your Body, the Hero Allergy Immunotherapy

By Effective Integrative Healthcare, LLC, DC

For some of us, we recognize a change in seasons not by a change in temperature, but by how we feel. The tell-tale signs and ... Continue Reading

Spring Allergy Season

By Brian Cooper, CMT

Let's dive into some detailed tips on how to relieve your allergies, especially with the spring allergy season upon us. You may find yourself reaching ... Continue Reading

Food Sensitivities

By DeBritt Ealey, LAc

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer with food sensitivities. These sensitivities can cause a wide array of symptoms from rashesto eczema, digestive symptomstoIBS, congestion to ... Continue Reading

Ragweed Season Is Coming

By DeBritt Ealey, LAc

Just when you thought hay fever season was almost overget ready for ragweed season. Allergy sufferers are finally feeling a bit of relief from this ... Continue Reading

Chiropractic The Drugless Solution

By Paul Rhyu, DC, OMD, PhD

Over-the-counter and prescription painkillers attempt to mask or diminish symptoms by way of the bloodstream, or circulatory system. But, chiropractic digs deeper, to the possible ... Continue Reading
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