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alternative medicine

How Can Alternative Medicine Help People With Cancer

By Paul Rhyu, DC, OMD, PhD

Alternative cancer treatments won’t play any role in curing your cancer, but they may help you cope with signs and symptoms caused by cancer and ... Continue Reading

Chinese Medicine and Men’s Health

By S. Hunter Thompson, DOM, DiplAc (NCCAOM) LAc ADS (NADA)

Chinese medicine is often thought of for issues concerning women’s health and reproduction. Men can also gain great benefit from acupuncture and/or Chinese herbal treatment. ... Continue Reading

When You Have Cancer Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Can Help

By S. Hunter Thompson, DOM, DiplAc (NCCAOM) LAc ADS (NADA)

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to rebalance and stimulate the body’s ability to heal when injury or disease impairs functioning. Both acupuncture and Chinese ... Continue Reading

Nosebleeds and Acupuncture

By Kimberly Guorong Du, CMD, LAc

Nosebleeds are a common problem in children and young adults, although older adults can suffer from nosebleeds as well. This article will focus on epistaxis ... Continue Reading

Shamanic Healing What You Need to Know

By Beatrice Pouligny, PhD

An increasing number of individuals go to shamans to support their well-being. Shamanic healers exist in all cultures. The attire and customs may vary, but ... Continue Reading

The Secret To Great Health and Happiness Part 2

By Natasha Ryan, ND, Regional Wellness Manager

In part one, titled How To Have Great Digestion, you learned that good digestion is one of the keys to great health. Choosing your foods ... Continue Reading

Complimentary Cancer Care

By Jeanne W. Shiffman, MD, DABFP

Hearing a diagnosis of cancer may be one of the most frightening things that can happen in a doctor's office. The disease can be deadly, ... Continue Reading

Cancer and Traditional Chinese Medicine

By Kuan-Chung Chou, LAc

Now more information is available about the success of traditional Chinese medicine in treating cancer-related problems and minimizing the side effects of cancer therapy. Clinical ... Continue Reading

Painless Breast Scan

By Sherri Kavazovic, Certified Clinical Thermographer

Did you know that there is a procedure, which can measure heat differences in tissues and may be helpful in screening for breast cancer? More ... Continue Reading

Oral Cancer is No Laughing Matter

By Sherry Kazerooni, DDS, LVIF

In 2007 about 34,000 individuals in the US will be diagnosed with oral cancer; 66% in late stages which can result in death. It can ... Continue Reading
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