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Live With Bad Breath? No More!

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

Research has shown that chronic bad breath affects more than 65 million people in the United States alone. And, about half those numbers have the ... Continue Reading

Your Mouth Could Be Killing You: Spirochetes – The Dangerous Oral Pathogen

By YHM Administrator, MD

Are you aware that oral health is whole body health? It is all related – recent studies have shown oral pathogens and inflammation create systematic ... Continue Reading

Bad Breath Got You Down?

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

Do people step back when you get close? Brush their fingers under their nose when you are near? Quietly move a ½ step sideways or ... Continue Reading

What To Do If You Suspect Leaky Gut

By Jeff Kucine, DO

Leaky gut syndrome, as the name implies, is when the small intestine “leaks” or allows particles such as undigested food, bacteria, toxins and waste products ... Continue Reading

Did You Know Gum Bacteria Can Cause Serious Health Issues?

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

Are you concerned about Alzheimer’s disease? Heart disease? Stroke? All of these serious diseases are linked to bacteria that live in the mouth and cause ... Continue Reading

Losing Teeth From Gum Disease Is Preventable

By YHM Production

Inappropriate dental hygiene habits usually cause periodontitis. Cause: Inappropriate dental hygiene habits usually cause periodontitis (AKA gum disease). Periodontitis is a type of disease, which ... Continue Reading

Bad Breath: Control vs. Cure

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

The nature of bad breath is progressive which is why many people are unaware that they even have it. A little “swig” of mouthwash usually ... Continue Reading

What Does Your Stool Say About Your Gut Health?

By Kristina Pestana, MS, CNS

Have you ever wondered if your stool is healthy? It may sound gross, but your stool can actually provide great insight into your gut health. ... Continue Reading

Don’t Let Them (Bacteria) Take Your Breath Away

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

If you have a bad breath problem, you are not alone. Research has shown that chronic bad breath affects about 65 million people in the ... Continue Reading

Is Your Body Attacking Itself?

By Alan S. Weiss, MD

Auto immune diseases happen when a part of the body’s immune system begins to attack the body itself. Any of our body’s tissues and organs ... Continue Reading
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