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10 Solutions For Sensitive Skin Care

By U.S. Dermatology Partners, Fairfax

For many people with sensitive skin, a professional treatment plan isn’t necessary. Making some small changes to your skincare routine, learning triggers, and taking steps ... Continue Reading

What Are My Options After Open Enrollment?

By Blanca Lopez-Franco, Licensed Health & Life Insurance Agent

If you didn’t get your health coverage during 0pen enrollment there are still options. There are few companies that provide good health coverage year round. ... Continue Reading

Diabetic Foot Care

By Edward S. Pozarny, DPM

The disease known as diabetes mellitus affects many parts of the body, especially the feet. It is very important that a person who is diabetic ... Continue Reading

Beauty, Skincare, and Gorgeous Smiles

By Kathleen Ellison, MD

Beauty radiates from the inside out. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and lean proteins to give your skin the ... Continue Reading

How To Take Care Of Your Sensitive Winter Skin

By Ivana Donley, Medical Laser Technician

Winter winds and dropping temperatures reduce our skin’s moisture levels and deplete its natural defenses. The changes can make skin flaky, itchy, dry, red and ... Continue Reading

A Quick and Easy Cure For Daily Skincare Struggles

By Supreet Sohi, LME

The workweek can take a toll on not only your schedule but your facial beauty as well. People are working more hours and in turn ... Continue Reading

What Is Glaucoma?

By Jacqueline Griffiths, MD

More than 2.2 million Americans age forty and older have glaucoma, but one half may be unaware they have this potentially blinding disease because they ... Continue Reading

Divide Care to Multiply Benefits

By Beth Albaneze, CTRS, CPRP, CLP

Few experiences in life are more difficult than caring for a loved one who is in mental decline or who requires long-term care. Without support, ... Continue Reading

Eye Allergies

By Jacqueline Griffiths, MD

Eye allergies, called allergic conjunctivitis, are a common condition that occurs when the eyes react to something that irritates them (called an allergen). The eyes ... Continue Reading

Healing Touch

By Maureen McCracken, PMHCNS, BC

Healing touch is an integrative energy therapy that can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies to help in the healing process. The goal is ... Continue Reading
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