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Drill-Free Solutions For Cavities

By Sheri Salartash, DDS, FAGD

Dental anxiety, which is common in children and adults, can be caused by negative dental experiences in the past, unpleasant noise from the drill along ... Continue Reading

Say Good-Bye To Dental Anxiety Keep Your Dentist Appointment – and Your Healthy Smile

By Alice Charland Bassford, DMD, MAGD

It’s probably safe to assume that few people jump for joy at the thought of visiting the dentist. Did you know that up to 40 ... Continue Reading

Preventing Cavities

By Sharon D. Gaylord, DMD, PC

Do you or your family members get cavities often? Dental research has found out that certain factors can affect your risk of tooth decay. These ... Continue Reading

Sealants Stop Cavities Before They Begin

By Nahee Williams, DDS

Imagine you could protect your smile and preserve good oral health. Would you do it? In all likelihood the answer is yes and, with sealants, ... Continue Reading

Fun Dental Facts

By Andrew M. Sklar, DDS

We put together some interesting and fun dental facts we hope you will enjoy reading. Have happy holidays and a happy New Year! Did you ... Continue Reading

Seeing the Light in Cavity Detection

By Celeste Balino, DDS

When people imagine a dental cavity, they commonly think of an ugly, “bombed-out” tooth with unsightly brown areas; however, many teeth with cavities can appear ... Continue Reading

Who Gets Cavities?

By Sina Reangber, DDS

Many people think cavities only affect children, but changes that occur with aging make cavities an adult problem, too. Recession of the gums (a pulling ... Continue Reading

Make New Year's Resolutions You Can Stick With

By Kathi Whitten, LCSW

Gosh, here we are again at the beginning of a new year. Holidays are over, and now we are performing that annual ritual of looking ... Continue Reading
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