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dental care

Habits That Affect the Teeth and Jaws

By Jacqueline Brown Bryant, DDS, MS, PC

Part One Abnormal oral habits can cause harmful tooth movements and growth patterns of the face and jaws. Common habits, such as mouth breathing, lip, ... Continue Reading

Screening For Oral Cancer

By Deepa Suryanarayanan, DMD

The next time you visit your dentist, ask about your oral cancer screening – most people receive one during their regular dental checkup but do ... Continue Reading

Screening Tests For Oral Cancer

By E. Taylor Meiser, DDS, PA

A physical examination for oral cancer may be done during a routine oral examination by your dentist. All areas of the mouth are checked for ... Continue Reading

At Last – A Bad Breath Cure

By Richard A. Miller, DDS

Are you embarrassed by your breath? Do people step back when you get close? Turn away? Brush their fingers under their nose? Quietly move a ... Continue Reading

Does Oral Sex Increase Your Risk For Oral Cancer?

By Delores Pittman, DDS

There was a time when most oral cancers were often caused by tobacco and alcohol use. That is quickly changing. Now, 65% of all oral ... Continue Reading

Cancer and Periodontal Disease

By YHM Administrator, MD

Can a dental exam save your life? Regular dental appointments are strongly encouraged so that your dentist may look for any unhealthy conditions and catch ... Continue Reading

Orthodontics and Overall Dental Health

By Jacqueline Brown Bryant, DDS, MS, PC

Dental professionals focus on patient education in all aspects of dental health, from eating the right foods to proper brushing and flossing techniques. Our primary ... Continue Reading

Your Mouth Is the Gateway To Your Body

By Ashley M. Seals, DDS, MS

You may have heard that, periodontal (gum) disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, but did you know that periodontal disease can ... Continue Reading

Say Good-Bye To Dental Anxiety Keep Your Dentist Appointment – and Your Healthy Smile

By Alice Charland Bassford, DMD, MAGD

It’s probably safe to assume that few people jump for joy at the thought of visiting the dentist. Did you know that up to 40 ... Continue Reading

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

By Ekaterina Tomenko, DDS

If you are self-conscious because you have missing teeth, wear dentures that are uncomfortable or don’t want to have good tooth structure removed to make ... Continue Reading
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