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Is Sleep As Important As Diet?

By Kendra Hackenberg, Certified Sleep Consultant

Childhood obesity is a huge public health issue, and kids who are obese grow into obese adults, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell ... Continue Reading

Do People Congratulate You On Being Pregnant 2 Years Later?

By Larry H. Lickstein, MD, FACS

Many women become self-conscious, embarrassed, and even indignant, when asked how far along they are in their pregnancy long after they have delivered their baby. ... Continue Reading

Dietary Adjustments After Bariatric Surgery

By Etwar McBean, MD, FACS

Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) provides a tool for individuals struggling with weight management. It is reserved for individuals who are 100 pounds or more ... Continue Reading

Help… My Feet Are Pregnant Too: Foot Health In Pregnancy

By Peggy Yanger, RNC, CCBE

According to the American College of Podiatry, weight gain and hormonal changes in pregnancy have a huge impact on the body and especially on your ... Continue Reading

Holiday Health Tips

By Khalid Mcleod, MS, NASM, ACE, NCCPT, NCSF-CEU Provider

New Year’s is approaching and everyone is discussing his or her resolutions. Indeed, New Year’s resolutions are very important, but what are you doing to ... Continue Reading

Thyroid Health

By Ranjana Chawla, AyD, CAS Ayurvedic Doctor & Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

Today, an estimated 20 million Americans suffer from thyroid conditions, and a shocking 60% of Americans who have a thyroid conditions are not even aware ... Continue Reading

Five Negative Effects Of Sugar On Your Brain

By James Wagner, DC

The brain does require a certain amount of sugar to function properly, this type is known as glucose and is found naturally in foods like ... Continue Reading

Are All Calories Created Equal?

By Louis S. Crivelli, II, DC

You’ve probably heard the expression, “a calorie is just a calorie,” but is that truly accurate when you’re trying to manage your weight and eat ... Continue Reading

A Guide To Smart Vitamin Use

By Kensington Pharmacy

Did you know that more than 150 million Americans take a vitamin or dietary supplement daily? 64% of Americans take prescription drugs in addition to ... Continue Reading

How To Eat a Mediterranean Diet

By Ronda Sharman, DC

The Mediterranean diet – you’ve likely heard of it but may not know why it’s popular, how it would benefit you or what to do ... Continue Reading
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