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Diabetes and Tooth Loss Are Dental Implants a Solution?

By Joseph M. Arzadon

Diabetes is a disease in which your blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels are too high. Glucose comes from the foods you eat. Insulin is ... Continue Reading

A Solution For Bleeding and Receding Gums

By Sheri Salartash, DDS, FAGD

Gum recession is the loss of gum tissue along the gumline. This occurs as a result of periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis, advanced periodontitis), the natural ... Continue Reading

Improve Your Health This New Year: Take Care Of Your Teeth and Gums

By Karl A. Smith, DDS, MS

While we know eating right and tossing out the cigarettes are all part of our typical New Year’s resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle, many ... Continue Reading

Screening For Oral Cancer

By Deepa Suryanarayanan, DMD

The next time you visit your dentist, ask about your oral cancer screening – most people receive one during their regular dental checkup but do ... Continue Reading

Screening Tests For Oral Cancer

By E. Taylor Meiser, DDS, PA

A physical examination for oral cancer may be done during a routine oral examination by your dentist. All areas of the mouth are checked for ... Continue Reading

Cancer and Periodontal Disease

By YHM Administrator, MD

Can a dental exam save your life? Regular dental appointments are strongly encouraged so that your dentist may look for any unhealthy conditions and catch ... Continue Reading

The Silent Dental Disease

By E. Taylor Meiser, DDS, PA

Bacteria from dental plaque not only attacks the soft tissue, but will eventually attack the bone causing teeth to fall out. The most common strain ... Continue Reading

Losing Teeth From Gum Disease Is Preventable

By YHM Production

Inappropriate dental hygiene habits usually cause periodontitis. Cause: Inappropriate dental hygiene habits usually cause periodontitis (AKA gum disease). Periodontitis is a type of disease, which ... Continue Reading

Women’s Teeth and Gums

By YHM Administrator, MD

A smile is the first impression that communicates a woman’s happiness and confidence; if you wish to keep your winning smile out in front, you ... Continue Reading

Are You At Risk For Periodontal Disease?

By Zahra Kavianpour, DDS

This Quick Quiz Can Tell You If You Are At Risk For Periodontal Disease Do you smoke? Is your diet low in important nutrients? Are ... Continue Reading
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