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5 Ways Poor Posture Can Harm Your Health

By Susan Brady, MPT

As children we were always told to stand up tall, hold your head high, pull your shoulders back, don’t slouch… and for good reason. Poor ... Continue Reading

Healing Touch For Mania and Anxiety

By Maureen McCracken, PMHCNS, BC

It is an anecdotal observation in mental health that the change of seasons brings mood changes to people who have symptoms of bipolar illness. In ... Continue Reading

Stressed Out?

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

Stress can be a difficult thing to pin down because it is a very individual thing. Whether stress is real or imagined – our brains ... Continue Reading

New Laser Procedure Restores Gynecologic Health

By Camilla C Hersh, MD

Many women are faced with the need to resolve gynecologic health issues often caused by menopause.  In 2010, there were approximately 64 million postmenapausal women ... Continue Reading

Your Skin: A Window To Your Inner Health

By LaSondra Gray, CLA, CQA, MBA

We’re often told skin is the largest organ in our body, but we seldom talk about the importance of skin fitness. In addition to developing ... Continue Reading

Something To Smile About

By Zahra Kavianpour, DDS

Let’s face it one of the first things you notice about people is their smile. When you meet someone with a bright, natural smile, it ... Continue Reading

You Can Feel Better: The Feldenkrais Method Is There For You

By Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais Practitioner

When you want to feel better, the Feldenkrais Method® is there for you.It  is named after its founder, Moshe Feldenkrais, born in Ukraine in 1904 ... Continue Reading

Importance Of Sunglasses In Everyday Life

By Leyla Najafi, OD

While sunglasses are considered a great fashion accessory, they also serve a very important role in protecting your eyes from different ocular diseases. Benefits of ... Continue Reading

Women: Incontinence and Pelvic Pain

By Mary Nalls, PT, MPT

Women’s health physical therapy is an area of rehabilitation that specializes in the unique needs of women throughout their life cycle. From the young female ... Continue Reading

Self-Criticism or Self-Compassion?

By Rokhsareh Shoaee, PhD, LPC

It is very common for clients to  see their therapists to report problems like, “I am very anxious,” or, “I am very depressed.” Some clients ... Continue Reading