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Before Looking To the Future, Take a Brief Look At the Past

By Ben Glass, Esquire

There’s a lot of talk nowadays about driverless cars. When will they be introduced, what will they look like, when will they be ubiquitous and, ... Continue Reading

Don’t Get Healthcare Advice From an Attorney

By Ben Glass, Esquire

A question that we sometimes get in the office is: “I’ve been injured in an accident; which doctor should I see?” A variation of this ... Continue Reading

Two Costly Mistakes In Long-Term Disability Claims

By Ben Glass, Esquire

A common mistake when filing for Long-Term Disability is stopping work on the “Wrong Day.” There aren’t exactly black-out dates for stopping working, but something ... Continue Reading

Disability Dilemma

By Scott B. Elkind, Esq.

No one wants to be disabled and unable to work. Due to this sentiment, many workers continue to work while functionally disabled and place themselves ... Continue Reading

Disability and the Inability To Work Part Two

By Scott B. Elkind, Esq.

Part Two It would be a far more interesting world if we grew younger rather than older. Unfortunately, we all face common issues of aging. ... Continue Reading

Time To Update Your Will Or Trust

By Terry Douglas, Maryland Elder Law Attorney

When you buy a new car, everything works perfectly. Your estate plan is like your car. When you set it up, everything is current and ... Continue Reading

Are All Insurance Companies Evil?

By Ben Glass, Esquire

The short answer is no, of course not, even though it certainly can feel that way. No doubt that buying and paying for car insurance ... Continue Reading

Getting Your Legal Affairs In Order Before a Crisis

By Terry Douglas, Maryland Elder Law Attorney

So, who will care for you when you can't? Who will make medical decisions about surgery or treatment? Who will decide where you will live? ... Continue Reading

Three Keys To Planning For Long-Term Care

By Evan H. Farr, Certified Elder Law Attorney

Baby-Boomers and Seniors 2011 Legal Report I want to dispel two huge myths that routinely produce false security for senior citizens and their adult children ... Continue Reading

Get a Life a Healthier One

By Karl A. Smith, DDS, MS

Heart Risks and Periodontal Disease Each year, cardiovascular disease kills more Americans than cancer. We know that lifestyle choices such as eating right, getting enough ... Continue Reading
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