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Advancements In Liposuction

By Sherry Maragh, MD

As patients are always looking for the best ways to improve appearance, the industry is always looking for ways to deliver better results. Many patients ... Continue Reading

The Liquid Gold

By Ayman R. Hakki, MD

Liquid gold: A great new term in the world of plastic surgery used to describe body fat, removed by liposuction and injected into desired regions ... Continue Reading

A New Body For the New Year

By Bella Cosmetic Surgery

The middle body section is probably the most common area of complaint by women. It’s why Spanx are so popular. It’s hard to look and ... Continue Reading

Fat Reduction – Your Options

By Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS

Do you look in the mirror and see unwanted fat? Probably so – virtually everyone has unwanted fat.  The good news is that the options ... Continue Reading

Common Myths About Neck Lift Surgery

By Sheilah Lynch, MD

Myth #1: You Can Only Improve The Neck With A Facelift There are several options to enhance the appearance of your neck and improve the ... Continue Reading

Traditional Liposuction vs. Smartlipo

By George K. Verghese, MD

Traditional liposuction has been available for years and is used to treat large areas of the body where fat deposits have become prevalent. Recovery from ... Continue Reading

Coolsculpting vs. Traditional Lipo Which One Is Right For You?

By Larry H. Lickstein, MD, FACS

The methods of removing unwanted, excess fat from the body have evolved over time. Thanks to liposuction, a plastic surgeon is able to reduce the ... Continue Reading

Liposuction: Does It Make You Skinny?

By Ayman R. Hakki, MD

The answer is yes, and best described in the words of Luxxery Medical Boutique plastic surgeon Dr. Ayman Hakki: “Liposuction makes you skinny. With 33 ... Continue Reading

Cosmetic Procedures: Who-Where-When-How?

By Don J. Fontana, MD, PA

There has been a recent increase in awareness of cosmetic surgery and procedures whether due to the transformation of Caitlin or the TV program Botched. ... Continue Reading

SmartLipo To Reduce Body Fat

By David E. Berman, MD

SmartLipo® uses a combination of liposuction and laser technology to reduce body fat while tightening loose skin. A high-energy laser fiber is inserted through a ... Continue Reading
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