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Can Acupuncture Help Restore Vision?

By Young Yi, LAc, DOM

Acupuncture has been used for millennia to treat eye disease. Today, acupuncture can help preserve vision for those with a wide range of eye conditions including ... Continue Reading

Suffering From Hair Loss?

By Morgana Colombo

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for hair loss is all the rage in Northern Virginia these days, but what exactly is it? Have you noticed that ... Continue Reading

Dealing With “Problem Areas?” Coolsculpting Is The Solution For You

By LaSondra Gray, CLA, CQA, MBA

Even the healthiest people deal with “problem areas.” These certain areas are found to resist diet and exercise. These areas are often coined the names; ... Continue Reading

Suffering From Hearing or Vision Loss?

By Young Yi, LAc, DOM

Do you find yourself asking people to repeat what they say, because it sounds like they’re mumbling or talking too fast? Are you constantly turning ... Continue Reading

How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off With Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

By Paul Rhyu, DC, OMD, PhD

Weight loss comes under the topic of “weight control,” because we are concerned with the loss and maintenance of our weight. This is a multi-faceted ... Continue Reading

Healthy New Beginnings

By Khalid Mcleod, MS, NASM, ACE, NCCPT, NCSF-CEU Provider

Happy New Year, happy January, happy new beginnings. With the start of the new year, it will bring a rejuvenated version of yourself, that will ... Continue Reading

Drop Pounds Easily With Hypnosis

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

Americans spend roughly $60 billion a year in their attempts to lose weight. The reality is that being overweight takes away many of life’s pleasures ... Continue Reading

Get a Grip On Osteoporosis: Your Grip Strength May Provide Clues To Your Overall Health

By Susan Brady, MPT

Through your day, you rely on the grip strength of your hands to perform just about every action.  Although it is easy to take the ... Continue Reading

Struggling With Weight Loss?

By Anita Grimes, Owner

Making a resolution to achieve a healthy weight is one of the best decisions you can make. But most people find this easier said than ... Continue Reading

Acupuncture and Loss In Spring

By Rachel Sara Strass, DOM, LAc, Dipl OM (NCCAOM)

As Winter wanes, Spring waxes. The Chinese New Year has brought in the year of the dog and spring is just beginning. Bears are coming ... Continue Reading
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