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All About "diVa" Laser Therapy

By Susan K Buenaventura, MS, MD

Laser therapy has long been known to rejuvenate skin by removing unhealthy skin from the surface and stimulating new collagen growth in the deeper skin ... Continue Reading

The Psychology Behind Losing Weight

By Linda Ritchie, PhD

It is estimated that over 45 million Americans will go on a diet this year. Also, Americans spend over $33 billion (that’s right, billions of dollar) ... Continue Reading

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

By Maribel Vann, DDS

In September 1995, the American Sleep Disorder Association (ASDA) endorsed dental appliance therapy as the third currently acceptable treatment modality for snoring and sleep apnea. ... Continue Reading

Holiday Fat Fighting Secrets

By James Wagner, DC

Here’s something to remember about the holiday “eating season”. This is very important, but nobody seems to pay attention… You can cut calories and still ... Continue Reading

Will and Strength

By Patrice Perkins, Life Coach

During the holidays we’re constantly thinking of others. But if you’ve experienced a big move, a job loss, a divorce or a death in the ... Continue Reading

Solution For Geriatric Tooth Loss Are Dental Implants Right for You?

By Thu-Nga Ortega, DDS

Tooth loss can have a far-reaching effect on your dental health and personal appearance. When you lose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth can drift ... Continue Reading

Aid Weight Loss With Acupuncture

By Sarah Alemi, DAc, LAc, Dipl. Ac., ADS

With almost two-thirds of Americans overweight or obese, it is likely that you or someone close to you is on a quest to lose weight. ... Continue Reading

Loss Of a Child: Miscarriage

By Ifeanyi Olele, MD

Pregnancy is one of the most joyous times for soon to be parents. Mothers and fathers have daydreamed of how their child will be in ... Continue Reading

Five Tummy Tuck Myths

By Larry H. Lickstein, MD, FACS

“Tummy tuck” is the common term used to refer to the surgical procedure known as an abdominoplasty. The procedure can be a very effective method ... Continue Reading

Can Acupuncture Help Restore Vision?

By Young Yi, LAc, DOM

Acupuncture has been used for millennia to treat eye disease. Today, acupuncture can help preserve vision for those with a wide range of eye conditions including ... Continue Reading
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