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Stop Pain Now

By David Akinpelu, MD

If you suffer from: •    Herniated or bulging disc •    Degenerative disc disease •    Posterior facet syndrome •    Sciatica •    ... Continue Reading

Helping Individuals Control Their Pain: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

By Ben Carr, PT

The ongoing opioid crisis in the United States reflects the unintended consequences of a nationwide effort to help individuals control their pain. The health care ... Continue Reading

What’s Driving My Pain?

By Robert M. Cohl, DC

Neuromuscular pain always is a multi-factoral problem. Back pain is very common and occurs in all ages throughout life. “Overuse, under use, and abuse to ... Continue Reading

Acupuncture For Pain Management

By Monica Cater, LAc

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medicines in the world today. It began in China over 3,000 years ago and has been used as a ... Continue Reading

Chiropractic Treatment and Pain

By Alicia Kovach, MD

Chiropractic remains one of the most widely used forms of manual medicine – treatment that uses the hands to manipulate the body. The word “chiropractic” ... Continue Reading

Pain and Hypnosis

By Toni Greene, Owner

Hypnosis is a very useful tool to use in alleviating or diminishing pain in the body by at least 50% to not having pain at ... Continue Reading

Occupational Therapy: Living Life To the Fullest

By Jutta Brettschneider, GCFP

You experience back pain, or survived a stroke and life is a challenge. You have a child with special needs and hope that your kid ... Continue Reading

Customized Pain Treatment Plans

By Yetunde Sannoh, MD

If you’re one of the 11% of adults living with chronic pain, you should have a pain management plan that’s customized to meet your needs ... Continue Reading

Sex Hormones Impact Pain?

By Molly Rogers, FNP-BC

It’s true. Human brain imaging studies support a causal link between testosterone and pain. “Two weeks after my first treatment I noticed my back wasn’t ... Continue Reading

Considering Cannabis To Relieve Your Pain?

By Barbara J. Ochester, MSN, BSN, RN, Clinical Director

One of the most rewarding parts of living and working in a cannabis world is the understanding that there are ways to assist patients in ... Continue Reading
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