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physical therapy

Helping Individuals Control Their Pain: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

By Ben Carr, PT

The ongoing opioid crisis in the United States reflects the unintended consequences of a nationwide effort to help individuals control their pain. The health care ... Continue Reading

Considering Knee Replacement Surgery? Be Sure To Do Your Research Before Going Under the Knife: Part Two

By Brian Paris, DC

Part 2 Safe and Natural Alternatives To Knee Replacement The great thing about alternatives to knee replacement surgery are that they are historically proven. These ... Continue Reading

Are You Ready To Spring Into Action? Physical Therapy Can Help You Prepare

By Judith E. Cooper, MPT, DPT

Now that spring has arrived, many people are turning their attention to outdoor activities, whether it’s signing up for local charity walks, joining community cleanups ... Continue Reading

Fibromyalgia and Physical Therapy

By Judith E. Cooper, MPT, DPT

After osteoarthirits, fibromyalgia is the most common musculoskeletal syndrome, affecting more than five million people in the U.S. Yet, fibromyalgia can be difficult and, at ... Continue Reading

Aquatics as an Alternative PT

By David Sisk, DPT

Aquatic settings for physical therapy plans of care can provide benefits and options for patients that would otherwise have a low tolerance for physical therapy ... Continue Reading

Cardio Health and Diabetes

By Ben Carr, PT

The incidence of diabetes continues to rise and has quickly become one of the most prevalent and costly chronic diseases worldwide. A close link exists ... Continue Reading

Post-Stroke Rehab

By Judith E. Cooper, MPT, DPT

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S., with one person dying every four minutes. Approximately 800,000 people have a stroke each ... Continue Reading

PTs Want To Help You Meet Your Health Goals

By Judith E. Cooper, MPT, DPT

Celebrating the beginning of a new year has become synonymous with establishing resolutions for the 12 months ahead. Marking the new year with a list ... Continue Reading

To Kegel Or Not To Kegel

By Jennifer Chu, PT

Have you heard of Kegel exercises? Maybe you have been told by your gynecologist to do your Kegel exercises. Or maybe you have read about ... Continue Reading

Why Do You Have Back Pain? Here’s How You Can Find Out

By Judith E. Cooper, MPT, DPT

Is the source of your low back pain a mystery? You’re not alone: Nine out of 10 patients don’t know the primary cause of their ... Continue Reading
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