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Are You Pitta Dominant?

By Alejandra Quinonez, RYT, RYS

The building blocks of the pitta dosha are the elements fire and water. Pitta dosha is a particular dosha because the elements of fire and ... Continue Reading

Skin Disorders

By Sherri Hudson, CT

Of all the body’s organs, none is more easily inspected nor exposed to infection, disease, and injury than the skin. Changes in skin color may ... Continue Reading

Pink Or Red Face? You May Have Rosacea

By Nicole Hayre, MD

Are you sensitive to products? Is your skin always pink? Do you blush easily? Is the Winter weather especially hard on your skin? If so, ... Continue Reading

New Weapon In the Battle Against Aging and Acne

By Dima Ali, MD

Uneven skin tone is one reason people look older than they are. Cumulative effects of time pollution, sun, stress and fatigue can keep your skin ... Continue Reading
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