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What Is Sound Healing?

By Alya Salon & Spa

In short, it’s a practice that uses vibrations from instruments such as gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and tuning forks in order to ... Continue Reading

Oral Cancer: What You Need To Know

By Marvette Thomas, DDS

Although oral cancer may not get as much attention as some more widely-known types of cancer, that doesn’t mean it’s any less deadly. In the ... Continue Reading

Non-Surgical Face and Neck Lift

By Mariam Alimi, Advanced Certified Laser Specialist

There is a new cutting-edge technology that is gaining attention of celebrities and the media.  This technology is Ultherapy®, which is microfocused ultrasound technology that ... Continue Reading

Dry Cutting: 5 Reasons Why It Should Be Your Next Cut

By Alya Salon & Spa

Ever heard of it? Normally when you go in for a haircut, your stylist may take you back to shampoo and rinse your hair. Dry ... Continue Reading

Why Going Organic Is Better For Your Skin

By Alya Salon & Spa

If you are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, then choosing an organic skincare is a priority.   By using natural and organic products one can ... Continue Reading

The Most Effective Spa Treatments

By Gregory Song, CMT

Everyone loves going to the spa.  It makes us feel better and be healthier.  Simply stated, going to the spa for a variety of treatments ... Continue Reading

True Health and Beauty

By Alya Salon & Spa

You can go from a sluggish style of living to vigorous enlightenment by changing your perception of what society calls “beauty” – realizing that to ... Continue Reading

Smooth and Easy Fat Reduction

By Aria Medi Spa

Sometimes, diet and exercise are just not enough to eliminate those annoying bumps and bulges. UltraShape targets problem areas of stubborn fat, helping you drop ... Continue Reading

DIY Vaginal Steam vs. Spa Vaginal Steam

By Thema Azize Serwa

Often, vaginal steam practitioners are asked, “What is the difference between vaginal steaming at home versus going out and paying someone to administer a vaginal ... Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Get a Massage

By Bluepoint Medical Associates

Massages have come a long way from just being a lush treat. Studies are finding many health and beauty benefits to a well-deserved day at ... Continue Reading
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