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Getting To the Root Of Your Condition: What You Need To Know About Osteopathic Medicine

By Traci Jones, DO

Osteopathic medicine was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. He was a doctor during the civil war, a time when many medical treatments were more ... Continue Reading

Suffering From a Damaged Tooth? Root Canals May Be Your Solution

By Sachin Rastogi, MDS, DMD

Do you have a severely damaged tooth? Are you suffering from tooth decay or infection? Luckily, root canals are available to repair or save your ... Continue Reading

Aches and Pains? Think Outside the Box

By Mary Wilkerson, CMT

Have you been experiencing aches and pains that haven’t gone away? Are you dealing with problems such as bursitis, torn rotator cuff, back, hip, or ... Continue Reading

Spravato: New Treatment For Depression

By Colleen Blanchfield, MD

Although we have come far in our understanding of the brain, much still remains unknown. Through research and development, there have been significant strides in ... Continue Reading

Holistic Help For Heel Pain Through the Feldenkrais Method

By Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais Practitioner

If you have heel pain, the first attempt at relief, naturally, is local; but if that doesn’t work, you may like to try a holistic ... Continue Reading

Personalized Skin Treatment Options

By Alya Salon & Spa

Every woman wants to look her best self 24/7.  Sadly, that is neither practical nor possible. Some people are blessed with perfect skin, but most ... Continue Reading

Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment

By Sheri Salartash, DDS, FAGD

Parents are concerned about their children’s crowded teeth, protruding teeth and spaces between teeth. Today’s parents do not accept the answers given by some dentists ... Continue Reading

New Treatment For Enlarged Prostate

By Kambiz Tajkarimi, MD

If you experience a frequent and urgent need to urinate, suffer from a weak or slow stream and have a hard time emptying your bladder, ... Continue Reading

Botox and Dermal Fillers

By Mariam Alimi, Advanced Certified Laser Specialist

As we age, natural collagen and elastin in the skin decreases which in turn causes fine lines and wrinkles to form. The skin also has ... Continue Reading

Cellulite, Wrinkles, and More

By Supreet Sohi, LME

People are looking for the best and easiest technology to address signs of aging and improvements in overall appearance. Some of the areas that most ... Continue Reading
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