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Your Site Authority Score

YourHealthMagazine.net Helps Your Website Rank Higher on Google

Site authority is a critical score that search engines use to determine where to rank your content in search results. The importance of understanding how this works and how search engines determine what content to list in search results is imperative to get your information as close to the first page as possible.

What Is Site Authority?

Intuitively, this means pretty much what it says. Google and other search engines want to show users the most authoritative information and sites in search results. Most sites have a low site authority because they haven’t done the work, or don’t know what to do, to improve their site authority score. Frankly, most people have never even heard of it, but it is an important factor in getting your content seen and your website visited.

One way you improve your site authority is to have other sites link to material on your site. These are called backlinks. When another site finds something on your site interesting or important enough to link to your site, that tells the search engines that something on your site is important to someone else.

When you have content that’s important to other people and they link to your site, it improves your site authority score. And, the higher the score of the site linking to your site, the more it helps your site authority score and your opportunity to get your content ranked higher in search results.

When a site like YourHealthMagazine.net links to your site, this sends a message to Google and other search engines that a major site has found content on your site that is important to its visitors and viewers. It improves your site authority score. How many places your site is mentioned, or contains links to your site is an important, if not critical, piece of your long-range strategy.

So, how you get other sites to link to your site is not simple, straight forward or easy, because most businesses don’t have someone who understands how it works. Placing a link on your site is actually as easy as adding a field on the backend that shows up on the site somewhere, or putting a link in a blog or article post. They may sound complicated, but really isn’t.

Linking to other sites and having other sites link to your site improves the site authority score for both sites. You just need to be a little careful not to trade links with other sites. Search engines have identified “reciprocal linking” as people possibly trying to game the system.

Linking is just one aspect of the whole picture but a very important one. People should take the time to link to content on other sites that they feel is interesting and valuable. Those links help that site, and also help your own site.

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