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Soheila Rostami, MD
Facial Rejuvenation With Combination Treatments
Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
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Facial Rejuvenation With Combination Treatments

Combination treatments for facial rejuvenation are the key to skin rejuvenation. Physicians are constantly searching for the latest breakthrough in combination skin treatments to rejuvenate the aging face. The ultimate goal is to optimize results, minimize downtime and turn the clock back on the aging face.

What is the best combination skin rejuvenation treatment?

The best combination treatment is directly linked to the patient’s skin type, age, sun damage and ethnicity. The best results are achieved when all aging factors are addressed and when sun damage, wrinkles and volume loss are tackled all at once. A customized combination treatment combines radio frequency fractionated skin resurfacing, microneedling and platelet rich plasma (PRP). This trio delivers optimal results to patients seeking skin tightening and improvement in volume loss, skin tone and texture.

What should I expect?

The treatment begins with a fractional skin resurfacing session, a technology that treats a fraction of the skin’s surface, leaving reservoirs of healing tissue to promote rapid healing, therefore reducing downtime. This clinically proven radio frequency technology causes collagen renewal in the skin resulting in brighter, improved skin texture and smoothing out fine wrinkles.

The treatment is followed immediately by a microneedling treatment. Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a procedure in which tiny needles are used to create micro-injuries to the skin in order to produce collagen
and elastin.

Microneedling also creates ideal superficial micro-channels in the skin. These micro-channels pave the way to the third application of rejuvenation treatment PRP. Prepared platelet rich plasma, derived from the patient’s own blood and containing high levels of growth factors, is injected into
the skin.

When injected into the face PRP acts in the same fashion as dermal fillers, telling your facial cells to grow new, plumper, younger looking skin. For best results, PRP is applied over the skin during, prior and after microneedling.

Am I a good candidate?

The treatment can offer dramatic improvements to your skin tone and texture at any age. It helps your skin maintain its youthful appearance by reversing the aging process. A series of three to six treatments, six weeks apart is recommended to achieve optimum skin rejuvenation. The treatment can be performed year round, and can help you look years younger without surgery, giving you great results in a few shorter sessions, with little downtime. You are not a candidate if your skin has the tendency to develop keloids.

What is the recovery period?

The procedure is very tolerable, requiring a simple application of a topical numbing cream. The effect after the treatment is that of a mild sunburn with a recovery period of two to three days. Bruising can occur but less frequently.

Setting up a consultation with a surgeon you trust to design your own individualized youth remedy treatment plan is your best option to get started on your road to facial rejuvenation.

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