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Luise Estelle, Business Manager
Think Hard Before Getting a Tattoo This Summer
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Think Hard Before Getting a Tattoo This Summer

Tattoos have become mainstream, especially with the younger generation. Given the growing popularity, consumers need to be aware of the risks involved.

Many people experience tattoo regret as their skin begins to age, but some experience that regret immediately after getting their new body art. Not only can you experience medical complications related to the ink, including a tattoo-related rash, severe itching, or swelling, no one knows of the effects of a tattoo to the immune system.

The skin is a highly immune-sensitive organ, and the long-term consequences of repeatedly testing the body’s immune system with injected dyes and colored inks are poorly understood.

Tattoo removal is complex, can be painful and requires, in many cases, 10 treatments or more with a cost of thousands in four-week increments. A number of variables can affect the cost and number of treatment sessions required; the size of the tattoo, ink color, area of the body the tattoo is on, whether it is done by a professional or amateur, and other factors. Black tattoos are generally the easiest to remove, while multiple colors are more difficult to remove.

It is advised to first do research before making a long lasting decision such as this.

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