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Kalpana Prasai, Master Stylist
What Color Formula Is Right For You?
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What Color Formula Is Right For You?

There a few different options for hair coloring: permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and temporary. There are a couple key differences between these choices, and it is important to pick the right one for your unique hair type. Whether you have sensitivities to the chemicals in certain products and need a specific formula, or only want to have your color changed for a week, we have got the right color for you.

Permanent Color – Are you looking to commit to a color? Permanent hair color changes not only the color of your hair, but the hair structure itself. Permanent hair color requires a developer and activator along with the dye. The dye opens up the hair shaft to add artificial pigment to the hair cuticle, permanently changing the color composition of your hair. This can help cover grays longer and better, and can be offered in the ammonia-free form as well – more on that later.

Demi-Permanent is another option. These formulas are made up of a mix of both oxidative and direct dyes, and they can last up to 24 shampoos. This coloring is great for enhancing your already natural color, as opposed to transforming it completely.

Semi-Permanent – This formula contains no ammonia or hydrogen-peroxide and is not capable of lifting hair color, so this type of color is used to give shine to natural hair or to revive previously colored hair, and it does not last as long as the demi or permanent.

Temporary Color – Last, but not least, we have temporary color. This color type can come in a mixture of dye, and it can also come in the form of gels, masks, and even sprays. It is meant for a quick new look that will wash out after just a few shampoos, so it does not require a commitment.

These options will all vary based on your hair and skin type. For example, for individuals with sensitive skin and scalps, it might be a good idea to lean toward an ammonia-free dye in order to avoid any uncomfortable burning sensations. However, if your scalp can handle the chemicals, in the majority of cases, it is recommended by colorists to go with the ammonia-based color in order to achieve the most vibrant results. But those with sensitive skin – don’t fret!

Ammonia-free permanent color still uses an alkalizing agent in those formulas. The ammonia is replaced with an ammonia derivative, such as MEA, or Monoethanolamine. These ingredients do not share the harsh smell of ammonia and are gentle on hair and skin.

When choosing what kind of dye to use, the number one thing to take into account is your skin type. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong – we guarantee that all these types of hair dye will provide you with beautiful, lasting color.

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