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Breast Augmentation Here's What You Need To Know
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Breast Augmentation Here's What You Need To Know

The goal in breast augmentation is to achieve breasts that are not only fuller in appearance but also retain a natural look and feel. For some women this will mean restoring their breasts to the appearance they had when they were younger or before having children. For other women this will mean giving them a fullness that they have never enjoyed.

Breast augmentation is achieved through the use of implants. Silicone implants are currently the most commonly used; although, some women may choose saline implants.

Fat injections have also been used; however, the results have not been consistent, and the procedure usually involves more than one operation and therefore higher costs.

Most implants are placed beneath the pectoralis muscle, which lies underneath the breast. Incisions that can be utilized to achieve the enlargement include one just below the nipple, one along the lower aspect of the breast, and one in the armpit.

During a consultation with the surgeon, the patient will be able to find out which implant, incision, and placement is most appropriate for her to achieve her goal.

The operation is performed in a hospital or outpatient surgery center with the patient returning home the same day. The implant will achieve the goal of giving the breast more fullness as well as raising the nipple to a more youthful position.

For some women who have greater degrees of ptosis, or drooping of the breasts, an additional lifting procedure might be required at the same time.

Women will experience the most discomfort in the first 4-5 days following the procedure. Most are able to return to work at approximately one week. The most natural results will not be evident for approximately six weeks to three months depending on the implant and its position.

This procedure should have little, if any, effect on nipple sensation and the future ability to breastfeed.

Fully Customized Breast Enhancement

Every woman is unique in both her desires and her body shape. With that in mind, we take the time during the pre-operative consultations to learn what each patient hopes to gain from breast augmentation surgery and to decide which implant type and implant placement is best. In this way, every one of our patients enjoy a completely customized treatment designed with her specific goals in mind.

There are several surgical options to discuss with your plastic surgeon. These include incision placement which can be at the bottom of the breast, around the lower part of the nipple, or in the armpit. Your surgeon will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of placing the implants underneath the pectoralis muscle or on top of it. You will also want to ask questions about the recovery process as well as possible complications.

As summer approaches, many women are thinking about breast enhancement procedures. Some of them will receive their new look as a gift from a husband, boyfriend, or family member. Others will take advantage of time off and transform their body to a bikini-ready body, perhaps for a special cruise.

Regardless of your inspiration, plastic surgeons are available to help you “face the world with confidence.”

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