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Joy Of Learning
Loving Care Pediatrics

Joy Of Learning

As parents, teachers and anyone involved in the teaching of children we must look first to ourselves and then to our environment to be sure that we create a learning climate that encourages investigation and collaboration. We foster a love of learning not so much by the special materials or activities, but through a responsive, inquisitive attitude.

It’s important to note that it is not just children’s engagement in activities that is important; it is our skillful and conscious interactions with children that constructs knowledge and builds a love of learning.

Simple Strategies To
Foster a Joy of Learning

Reading Stories. Children are never too young to enjoy a story. Start reading to them when they’re babies and you’ll foster a lifetime of love for the subject. Encourage your children to read more, regardless of their age or topic of interest, as long as it’s age-appropriate. Take trips to the library and obtain a library card for your child.

Get Excited About New Things. Maintain a certain excitement about the things your child discovers. When they’re babies, cheer when they learn to walk or roll over. Cheer as they learn to skate or ride bikes. Continue to show excitement every time they start something new.

Be Inspired Yourself. If your children see your personal love of learning, they’ll be inspired, too. Remain inspired and continue to go after your own wants and dreams. In life you never stop learning. 

Give Your Child a Choice. When a child is given an opportunity to have a choice, they feel like what they think makes a real difference, and it does. Let them choose their own books, hobbies, and so on.

Stay Involved with School. Stay on top of the topics that your children are learning in school. Children like the attention and they’ll appreciate that you’re involved in their life. Go over assignments at home and you can even have frequent meetings with your child’s teachers.

Show Your Support. Be a cheerleader for you children, even if they’ve chosen a subject/topic to pursue that you don’t enjoy, as long as it’s appropriate, it’s important to be there for your child. If they suspect that you’re unhappy with their personal decisions, they may be less likely to continue with their studies.

Provide Resources. Provide them with the necessary resources to allow them to fully pursue their interests. When they’re toddlers and young children, it can mean just providing them educational and age-appropriate toys. When they’re older, it may include books or craft sets for your children’s hobbies. Remember, the Library, Recreational Centers and other resource centers are available for great learning experiences that may be free or low cost.    

As a parent you only want what’s best for your children. You’ll soon realize that as long as you remain loving and accepting, your children will continue to come to you for guidance and advice. When you start learning with them while they’re young, fostering a love of learning will come naturally.

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